Iris #31

Iris Assembly #31

May - september 2017

Worthy Advisor's Term

Theme: This is Why We Rainbow

Motto: “Do what you love and you will find a way to get it out to the world”

Colors: Purple, White, Silver and Gold

Symbol: Rollercoasters, Flowers and Trees

Flowers: Irises and Pansies

Charity: Supreme Temple Fund

  Song: I Lived" by OneRepublic

Bible Verse: Jeremiah 31:3


  • Worthy Advisor: Ariana M.  
  • Worthy Associate Advisor: Natalie G.
  • Charity: Gabby P. 
  • Hope: 
  • Faith: Erin M.
  • Recorder: Carol M.
  • Treasurer: Katelyn Z.
  • Chaplain: Cecelia G.
  • Drill Leader: Courtney B.
  • Love: Anna L.
  • Religion: 
  • Nature: 
  • Immortality: Reanna R. 
  • Fidelity:    
  • Patriotism: 
  • Service: Christine B.
  • Confidential Observer: 
  • Outer Observer: 
  • Choir Director: 
  • Choir: 
  • Mother Advisor: Mrs. Jeanne Gionfriddo


Grand Officers 

  • Gabriella P. - Grand Faith & Grand Representative to Florida
  • Ariana M. - Grand Recorder, Rose Lecture, Historian & Grand Representative to Nebraska