Trenton #9

 Trenton Assembly #9

May - september 2018

Worthy Advisor's Term

Theme: Earth

Motto: "Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not." -Dr. Seuss 

Colors: Green and Blue

Mascot: Globe

Charity: Cousteau Society

Flower: Green Orchid

Bible Verse: Job 12:7-10



  • Worthy Advisor: Katelyn Z.  
  • Worthy Associate Advisor: Gianna T. 
  • Charity: Katie-Rose H.
  • Hope: Audrey D.  
  • Faith: Emily J.
  • Recorder: Robin C. 
  • Treasurer: Amy S. 
  • Chaplain: 
  • Drill Leader: Allison D.
  • Love: Emily M.
  • Religion: Mary M.  
  • Nature: Gabriella L.
  • Immortality: Isabella S.
  • Fidelity: Jolea T.
  • Patriotism: Shelby R. 
  • Service: Sami T.  
  • Confidential Observer: Isabella T.
  • Outer Observer: Lilly G. 
  • Choir Director:  
  • Mother Advisor's Page: Mikayla R.  
  • Mother Advisor: Mrs. Margaret Morris


Grand Officers

  • Mikayla R. - Grand Worthy Advisor
  • Allison D. - Grand Treasurer, Dad Talk, & Grand Representative to Kentucky
  • Isabella S. - Grand Chaplain & Grand Representative to Ohio
  • Jenna B. - Jr. Grand Executive Committee, Grand Editor, & Grand Representative to North Carolina
  • Amy S. - Jr. Grand Executive Committee, Grand Lecturer, & Grand Representative to Arizona
  • Emily J. - Grand Representative to New Mexico & South Carolina